Medic is a company specifically formed to focus on medical device assembly. The sibling business, CPT, essentially provides the manufacturing service for the basic component parts using moulding and pressing systems. Medic handles more articulate functions involving multi part integration.
clinipol intravenous tube array
syringe tube array clinipol

Technologies & Facilites

medical device assembly company

MEDIC utilise highly trained operator skills within a cleanroom environment through the assembly service.


medical device technology development

The services that MEDIC provide are designed to provide clients with a ‘total device solution’, starting from concept drawing, design, prototyping, regulatory observances, manufacturing and finally packaging design and development.

Examples of devices assembled through MEDIC

Anaesthetic delivery devices, balloon catheters, medical sensors, endoscope ancillaries, woundcare.

ISO 8 Class K (100,000) cleanrooms

Assembly processes all take place in specialised clean rooms to eliminate particulate contamination. Adhering strictly to stringent controls and requirements, the company is accredited with the quality system ISO classification 13485 – 2016 (medical devices).

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