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Clinipol Holdings Ltd.

Serving clients around the globe through innovation, precision and a long track record of proven expertise.

Silicone Injection

Highly efficient dedicated silicone injection moulding facilities encompassing a broad spectrum of liquid silicone rubber systems alongside traditional compression and injection processes.

Health Care

UK based sub-contract manufacturer of high quality precision moulded polymer components used for healthcare products and applications.

Clean Rooms

Critical components manufactured within ISO 8 Class K (100,000) cleanrooms. Ensuring absolute cleanliness of the product throughout the entire production process including, moudling, assembly, printing, inspection and packaging.

The 3 Subsidiary companies of Clinipol Holdings Ltd.


Mowtec’s primary focuses are in the aerospace, maritime and printing sectors.


Supplying some of the leading OEM’s in the aerospace industry.


Critical sealing solutions for over and under water systems.


Superior performance in both simple and complex printing systems.

 CPT – (Clinical Polymer Technologies)

Creating niche medical products within clean room environments.

Design and material selection assistance

Silicone Rubber Moulding

CPT has a quality system accredited to ISO 13485-2016; the present facilities on site make it possible for the company to produce niche products for several contamination free sectors.

The Complete Package

CPT is able to develop new, bespoke products, offering a complete turnkey solution for clients.


Medical device assembley.  


Complex assemblies of silicone and plastic components within ISO 8 Class K (100,000) cleanrooms. Specialist packaging in-house. Sterilisation assistance available.

Manufacturing Processes

Applications for the healthcare sector with firm diligence to stringent manufacturing procedures.


A Business In Parallel With Clients

Often clients need the facility to work in low-volume trials with new materials and sometimes specialist tooling. Being involved at the inception stage and through the design process provides a flexible long view for investment on projects and generates a ‘can do’ approach that appeals to customers.

Accelerated Production Turnaround

When the moment arrives for a product to go into production, the company has the logistical capabilities to upscale the process encapsulating elements such as assembly, printing, packing and sterilisation and inspection. Being able to perform all of these steps enables a much quicker output, saving time and finance to the client.

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There are lots of brilliant ideas locked up inside the minds of people all around us, we welcome the approach of new and established customers who would like to discuss project feasibilities.