CPT provides total device solutions

The cost in time and finance to deliver an approved composite medical device can be considerable if using multiple organisations to carry out the different phases of a project. CPT has solved this problem by creating a complete concept to off the shelf assembled product service.

Typical stages involved in CPT projects

Commonly clients will present an idea for an application that requires an articulate solution. The initial design and then later the 3D modelling phases are critical to highlighting practical viability.

Due to the sensitive, contaminate free requirements of medical devices, there are a considerable number of controls that require specific testing procedures. Before the product even approaches completion as an assembled item, there are important tests necessary to assess suitability to mechanical, chemical and in-vivo contact situations.

Design & 3D modelling

Using up-to-date industry favoured CAD software with virtual testing algorithms

Material development & testing

Non standard substrates available with property testing capabilities

Regulatory support

Client support for the regulatory process to achieve authorisation and approval of new products

Prototype production

Full operational status prototype production with small scale limited output option


Moving from prototype output to large scale mass production capabilities

Packaging design and development

Design of suitable and appropriate packaging for products

Reaching out to us is easy

There are lots of brilliant ideas locked up inside the minds of people all around us, we welcome the approach of new and established customers who would like to discuss project feasibilities.